Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group is Here to Help

Hurricane Harvey Road to Recovery

The Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group

Galveston County, Texas: In the weeks immediately following Hurricane Harvey, a group of local community leaders formed and organized the Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG) to aid Harvey survivors through the long road to recovery. A few organizations began working together on recovery in September; now the group has grown to 36 participating organizations working on various aspects of recovery.

“Our work focuses on identifying and developing resources to support the recovery of families affected by Harvey through disaster case management, home restoration, unmet needs and health and spiritual care,” said GCLTRG Chair, Gary Scoggin.

GCLTRG is a collaborative coalition of representatives from faith-based, community-based, other non-profit organizations, government and business partners sharing knowledge and coordinating resources — money, materials and manpower to help our neighbors recovery from the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.

No one church, one government agency, one organization or one business can respond completely to a disaster; it takes the entire community working together to respond after disaster strikes. Long-term recovery groups strengthen and streamline disaster coordination by sharing information, facilitating resident access to funds, resources and other services, coordinating recovery efforts with Federal, State and local authorities and agencies, coordinating volunteer activities and resources, and jointly resolving cases in partnership with coalition participants.

In the coming weeks and months, the details of Federal, State and local programs and services will unfold as Galveston County rebuilds and the Harvey recover process continues. The GCLTRG can assist individuals and families in navigating these complex waters.

To learn more about GCLTRG please visit or email Donations to the GCLTRG are tax deductible.

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