Campaign FAQ’s

What is the UWGCM Donor Designation Policy?

UWGCM conducts an annual, community-wide campaign for the purpose of raising funds, recruiting volunteers, public involvement and commitment to community goals, and addressing high priority health and human care issues in Galveston County. Donor designated gifts are offered within that context as a service to our donors. United Way understands that some donors choose to direct a portion of their gift to a specific agency. Designated dollars to individual agencies are included in the total amount each agency receives from the United Way. If total designations exceed the allocation, the agency receives the greater amount. Donor choice policies strive to balance the wishes of donors for the distribution of their charitable giving and the needs of the overall community. Although we process these donor-directed contributions as a service to our donors, United Way is unable to guarantee how designated funds to a specific non-member agency will be used or ensure measurable results by the recipient agency.

If you wish to make a designation to a specific non-member agency, the following is required:

  • A minimum designation amount of $50 per agency designation on the pledge form.
  • Confirm that the agency is a legally recognized 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, organized to provide health and human care services and must comply with the United States Patriot Act by submitting the proper documentation to United Way.
  • Specify the designation amount.
  • Providing complete agency information, including the name, street address, city and state to ensure that your designated gift goes to the right agency.
  • Submit designation information at the time of the pledge.
  • The agency must be a health and human service organization.


  • Government, religious, educational agencies /institutions or foundations, regardless of 501 ©3 status. Examples : Colleges/Universities, private/public schools, civic organizations, arts and related, museum, Lions Clubs, Rotary, cities, counties, etc.
  • Designations that would result in the donor receiving a value, such as sponsorship, auction items, memberships or attendance at fundraising events.
  • Designations to a specific program within an organization.

Right of United Way to Refuse Designations

Federal government requires that an anti-terrorism verification form be signed annually. Designations will not be honored to organizations that do not complete and return an anti-terrorism form annually. UWGCM reserves the right to refuse designations to any organization. United Way will attempt to find a suitable agency for the donor. If none can be found, UWGCM will return the pledge upon donor wishes. Previous forwarding of designations shall not be interpreted to negate United Way’s right to refuse, accept, or forward designations.

Promotion of the Donor Designation Program

Organizations- both United Way funded, as well as non-United Way funded, are expected to promote the United Way concept when engaging in activities surrounding the campaign. United Way Galveston County Mainland reserves the right to deny eligibility for designated funds to any organization that engages in or encourages activities designed to result in direct designations to their own organization through the annual United Way campaign.

Fees Associated with Designated Gifts

Extra steps are involved in handling a designated gift to non-member agencies which include obtaining banking information needed for a gift transmittal; preparing the donor designation materials; matching designations to pledges received; contacting donors to verify designations; tracking designations on a company-by-company basis to ensure that all designations have been received; sending agencies the names of donors who designate so donors can be recognized; and paying out designations quarterly. All effective organizations incur expenses for administration and fundraising. Designated gifts to non-member agencies are reduced by the actual fundraising and administrative expenses of United Way Galveston County Mainland, approximately 15%.

Why should I give to the United Way?

By giving through United Way Galveston County Mainland, you actually are contributing to 31 United Way agencies.  Each year approximately two out of three people on the Mainland are touched in some way by these services.  People just like you are chosen to decide the funding and allocations of these agencies in the management of our United Way.