New: Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery

The road to recovery is long and Galveston County is in it for the long haul. If you or someone you know were impacted by Hurricane Harvey make sure you sign up for Disaster Case Management and Request to Rebuild TODAY. See below for more information.

Disaster Case Management-Mainland Community Partnership 
Mainland Community Partnership (formerly known as Mainland Children's Partnership) is offering Disaster Case Management. If you were impacted by Hurricane Harvey make sure to sign up by calling 409-643-8240.

Request to Rebuild-4B Disaster Response Network
The 4B Disaster Response Network is here to help. If your home was damaged after Harvey and you need help rebuilding after insurance or FEMA assistance, register with the 4B Disaster Response Network TODAY!

ANYONE who lives in the orange area below may be a possible candidate for rebuilds.
Signing up is simple. Click: and select "Request to Rebuild"

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