Thank You Thursday: September 13, 2012

At United Way, we have A LOT to be thankful for. This Thursday, we would like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Robert Roland Polk for his very generous donation that arrived in the mail yesterday. Mr. Polk is a … Continue reading

In The News: Local United Way campaigns should get your support

Local United Way campaigns should get your support By Patrick Graham The Daily News Published September  9, 2012 The United Way Galveston County Mainland recently honored two ladies who have been vital to the organization’s ability to successfully meet the … Continue reading

Our United Way is FULL of Heroes

The Galveston County Daily News had their annual Citizen of the Year Reception on April 19 to honor Everyday Heroes, Community Champions and Scholarship Recipients. We are so proud to announce that our Volunteer of the Year, Glenn LaBorde was … Continue reading

Welcome to Galveston County, Cari Parker

We love it when the Galveston County Daily News does a Q&A with new leaders in our area. On Thursday, November 24, we found this article in the Daily News featuring one of our most involved community leaders, Cari Parker. Eastman is a supporter … Continue reading