United Way Galveston County Mainland (UWGCM) is a local, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that brings together the 12 mainland communities of Galveston County to address the critical issues of HEALTH, INCOME and EDUCATION. Our 32 Partner Agencies provide programs that make positive, long-lasting impacts to the people who live and work in Galveston County.

Efficient Fund Raising: 91.8% of every dollar raised goes directly into our community

UWGCM raises funds each year with the help of industrial support, local business, families and individual people. These funds are used to support programs at local nonprofits as well as to provide direct community services, such as VITA. Our fundraising is extremely efficient, with only 8.2% used for administrative costs. This is obviously well within the guidelines from the Better Business Bureau, which requires that fundraising costs must not account for more than 35% of a non-profit agency's budget.

Accountable Fund Distribution

Approximately 60 volunteers spend about 1,000 hours each year reviewing program applications and community needs to direct funds where they will do the most good. UWGCM requires our Partner Agencies to adhere to stringent reporting and documentation, which we constantly monitor. After Hurricane Ike, UWGCM adopted the Charity Tracker system which prevents "double-dipping" and helps case managers track the services their clients are receiving.

Coordination of Social Services: connecting those who need help with those who can help

UWGCM is actively involved in coordinating health and human services to provide maximum impact to Galveston County. We regularly conduct research to determine the greatest needs in our area and we ensure that local services are available to meet those needs.

Local Dollars Stay Local

Your gift to United Way Galveston County Mainland stays right here in Galveston County to address local needs and issues.

Supporting Volunteerism

Our Volunteer Center supports and promotes volunteerism across Galveston County by recruiting volunteers and coordinating group projects.