Request for Funding

Thank you for your interest in becoming a UWGCM Partner Agency in 2019. Beginning in February 2018, we will seek applications from established programs that directly improve education, health and/or financial stability for residents of Galveston County's mainland communities.


Potential applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply:  
  1. Agency must be exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Agency must have been in continuous operation for a minimum of two years with demonstrated success prior to date of application.
    1. The agency must provide programs to residents of Galveston County mainland that respond to demonstrated human care needs, a publicly identified office with a professional or volunteer staff within the local campaign area that is open with a staff member or volunteer available at least 20 hours a week during normal working hours.
  3. The agency must operate with management, general and fundraising costs below 25%.
  4. The agency must be governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors.
  5. If the agency is part of a regional or national organization, it must have at a minimum, a local advisory committee.
    1. The local committee must provide United Way with their specific roles and responsibilities as it relates to the agency and the rest of the organization.
    2. The local advisory committee must reflect the local community as it relates to the regional operations’ areas. The agency must be able to demonstrate how local volunteers influence the use of local United Way dollars within the community.
    3. The local advisory committee must identify how monies being provided by United Way will be spent in Galveston County.
  6. The agency must utilize the resources of volunteers in the support of effective, meaningful and safe services and to build community capacity, where appropriate.
  7. The agency must be able to demonstrate that it has the support of the community and has knowledge of relevant issues and needs in Galveston County.
  8. The agency must abide by United Way Galveston County Mainland policies including Fundraising Policy which restricts fundraising activities.
  9. The Agency must provide an independent audited financial statement to United Way within six months after year end for each year the agency continues to receive funding from UWGCM.
  10. The agency must carry general /commercial and board liability insurance. The agency is required to submit proof of insurance with their annual Funding Request.

Funding Application Attachments

In addition to completing the Application for Funding, the following attachments will be required:
  1. IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter
  2. Most Recent IRS Form 990, Signed (not more than 18 months old)
  3. Audited/CPA Reviewed Financial Statements (not more than 18 months old)
  4. Management Letter from Audit/CPA Review
  5. Board of Directors Roster
  6. Organizational By-Laws
  7. Proof of General Liability Insurance
  8. Code of Ethics Policy
  9. Conflict of Interest Policy
  10. Agency Organizational Chart
  11. Full Agency Budget
  12. Program Budget

Funding Request

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