ECC – Coordinating an Employee Campaign

Are you interested in Coordinating an Employee Campaign for United Way Galveston County Mainland at your business?

Step up. Spark a movement. Be a voice for lasting change.

Thank you for being an Employee Campaign Coordinator(ECC). Every year, ECCs like you help drive a movement to solve some of our community's toughest challenges. You inspire thousands of people to widen their perspectives, to invest in our collective future, to act for a brighter tomorrow. You are our hero. While we can't give you the cape you deserve, we will always think of you as our community's heroes. Whether you've been an EEC for a dozen years or just joined us this year, we're here to help you in any way we can. Below are tools for a successful campaign. We also encourage you to meet and talk with other EECs. Thank you for inspiring others to give, advocate or volunteer to make our communities STRONGER TOGETHER. Connect with others. You are not alone. All across this county, individuals are leading the way as ECCs for United Way. Have a question? A good story to share? Feeling a little lost? We wanna hear it! Email Chris Delesandri at What is ECC Training? This is a brief half day, interactive hands-on training designed to help established and first time Employee Campaign Coordinators conduct, monitor, and conclude employee campaigns, while having fun, building stronger teams, and raising money to help those in need in our community. Benefits of Training:
  • Learning how to run an effective campaign within your organization
  • Learning the role and expectations of the Employee Campaign Coordinator
  • Understanding how United Way Galveston County Mainland impacts the community year round
  • A working knowledge of United Way Galveston County Mainland's functions and processes
  • Creating campaign plans for your organization by the end of the training
  • Building networks of fellow coordinators and resources
United Way does what no single organization can do on its own. We bring together leaders from government, corporations, human service providers and the community to develop innovative solutions to local issues. We leverage funding for the network of programs that -together- can make a meaningful, measurable difference. Here, at United Way Galveston County Mainland, we are focused on four key areas:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Health
  • Basic Needs

The foundations for a better community.

To become an Employee Campaign Coordinator and for important event dates, click here.


Can I designate my dollars? Click here for answers to all your UWGCM campaign questions.