Fishing Categories & Rules

Fishing Categories

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awarded in Each Inshore Division: 
Heaviest Red (slot 20”- 28”) - Heaviest Trout - Stringer
Stringers: The team stringer consists of three Trout and one  Redfish. Redfish/ Trout: Redfish – at least 20” and not greater than 28”. Trout – at least 15” and only 1 greater than 25”. Your team must decide the Redfish and Trout to weigh-in prior to approaching the weigh master. If you bring an undersized or oversized fish to the weigh master, you will not be allowed to go back to your ice chest to get a different fish. Weigh-in Committee will have final decision.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awarded in Each Offshore Division
Heaviest Dorado (no size limit)
Heaviest Cobia (37”-no limit)
Heaviest King (27”-no limit)

Entry of Cash Pots is ONLY during Registration. Payout is 100% to the winners, split 60/40 between 1st and 2nd place teams entered in the pots.
Heaviest Red - $50 per Pot per Team
Heaviest Trout - $50 per Pot per Team
Heaviest Stringer - $50 per Pot per Team

Heaviest Dorado - $50 per Pot per Team
Heaviest Cobia - $50 per Pot per Team
Heaviest King - $50 per Pot per Team

Fishing Rules

Offshore teams are allowed to fish both days but weigh-in is optional on Thursday, August 17.

The teams' Heaviest Red and Heaviest Trout will be allowed to be weighed-in the Stringer Category. The team stringer consists of three (3) Trout and one (1) Redfish. Redfish/Trout: Redfish at least 20" and not greater than 28". Trout-at least 15" and only one greater than 25".

It is the responsibility of each participant to understand and abide by the prescribed fishing hours and weigh-in times, as they will be strictly enforced. The Weigh-in Committee at the weigh-in site will keep official time.

You must obey any Federal, State, and Local laws at all times. Violation of any Federal, State, and/or Local laws will result in the disqualification of you and your team from the event, and may disqualify (at the discretion of the Tournament Committee) you and your team from future events. You must have a valid/current fishing license from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Marathon Petroleum reserves the right to cancel fishing tournament at any time due to natural disasters or Mother Nature. In the case of a cancellation, there will be no refund or entry money. In case of rain or thunderstorms, please call 409-739-0505 for an update on the tournament between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. on the day of the tournament.

Safe boating practices must be in effect at all times. All entrants must abide by state and federal regulations when operating motor craft or water craft. Life jackets are recommended to be worn at all times. Boat engine kill switches are encouraged to be worn. Marathon will not be liable to any participants in this tournament. Federal and State laws are in affect for the consumption of alcohol. Any person exhibiting drunkenness and/or recklessness will be expelled.

This is an amateur fishing tournament. Up to four anglers and one guide/driver per boat. All individuals on the boat must be listed on the registration form. Guides/boat drivers are not allowed to fish unless they are one of the team.

Artificial, cut and/or live bait may be used. Only rod and reel outfits may be used.

Texas state waters and offshore waters.

In the event of a tie in any category, the first fish weighed will prevail. All decisions by Weigh-in Committee are final.