Thank You Thursday: Allocations Committee Edition

THANK YOU to the 60+ volunteers who participated in our Allocations Process this year!!! Each of these volunteers gave over 10 hours of their time in a 2 week period to serve on this committee. That is no easy undertaking, especially during this busy time of year! 2013-2014 Allocations CommitteeThe volunteers who served on the 2013-2014 Allocations Committee diligently reviewed the Applications for Funding that came from local health and human service organizations. Each application had a detailed agency and program descriptions and budgets. Applicants also provided their audited financial statements, previous year’s tax returns, Board of Directors Rosters, and a slew of other documentation to allow the Committee to thoroughly evaluate each proposal. Once proposals were reviewed, the 6 Panels interviewed each agency during their Panel Presentations to answer any questions. After the proposal review and agency interviews, the Allocations Committee will make their funding recommendations to the UWGCM Board of Directors, and the campaign goal will be set. Since both the Allocations Committee and the UWGCM Board of Directors are unpaid positions, you can see how much this organization relies on volunteers to advance education, health and income in Galveston County’s Mainland Communities. Special thanks to each of our Allocations Committee Volunteers, and
  • Glenn LaBorde (Valero), Allocations Committee Chair
  • Panel 1 Leader Damian Drafton (Dow)
  • Panel 2 Leader Jennifer Gray (NuStar Energy)
  • Panel 3 Leader Ruth Rendon (Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery)
  • Panel 4 Leader Mike Cappa (BP, Retired)
  • Panel 5 Leader Willie Windham (Hitchcock Volunteer of the Year)
  • Panel 6 Leader Bruce Clawson (City of Texas City)

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