Thank You Thursday: Partner Agency Edition 1-24-13

2013 UWGCM Partner Agency Retreat You probably already know this, but United Way Galveston County Mainland Partner Agencies are the best of the best! Our Partner Agencies meet and exceed high standards for service delivery, financial transparency and organizational transparency. Each year around this time, top-notch human social service agencies apply to UWGCM for funding for the next year. The application process is both detailed and comprehensive, including audited financial statements, agency site visits, and panel interviews. We want to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2013 United Way Galveston County Mainland Partner Agencies! We are proud to partner with you to tackle this county's most pressing issues: Education, Health and Income. Every day you are on the front lines - dealing with tough issues and making life better for people in all 13 of Galveston County's Mainland Communities. We appreciate you and we look forward to the work we will be doing together in 2013! 2013 Partner Agency List    

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