Thank you to our 2012 Allocations Committee Members

Travis Hill, Glenn LaBorde and Theresa Powers presented the 2012-2013 Allocation Committee's recommendations to the UWGCM Board of Directors at their June meeting

On June 6, 2012, the 2012 Allocations Committee Recommendations were presented to the UWGCM Board of Directors by the Panel Leaders. This year, our Allocations Committee was led by Glenn LaBorde, a Valero employee. Bruce Clawson, Mike Cappa, Jennifer Gray, Travis Hill, Theresa Powers and Willie Windham each led one of 6 panels. This year’s Allocations Committee was comprised of about 60 volunteers that live and work in Galveston County’s Mainland Communities. These volunteers spent more than 600 hours reviewing Funding Applications and interviewing Agency Representatives. Each of the 6 panels had about 10 members and were tasked with reviewing a set of Program Applications from non-profit health and human service organizations. The goal of UWGCM is to improve Education, Health and Financial Stability for the people who live and work in Galveston County’s Mainland Communities. To qualify for funding, the applicant must meet several criteria. This criteria is to ensure that funded programs are in alignment with UWGCM’s focus on Education, Health and Income Stabilityas well as in accordance with our standards for transparency and accountability. After site visits, panel interviews and an objective scoring process, each panel made funding recommendations for the applications assigned to their panel. These recommendations were presented to the UWGCM Board on June 6, 2012 for approval. Once the Board approves these recommendations, the 2013 Campaign Goal will be set and fundraising will begin on September 1. We wish to sincerely thank each and every person who served on this year's UWGCM Allocation Committee for a job well done!

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