Boy Scout Will Roberts builds first Born Learning Trail in Galveston County

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Will Roberts, son of UWGCM Board Member Phil Roberts, built the first Born Learning Trail in Galveston County on October 22, 2011.  Will decided to build this trail at Rainbow Park in Texas City for his Eagle Project.

Partnership: It's More Than Just a Word

Partnership is not just about working together, it's about making a difference.  When you invest in UWGCM's campaign, you invest in agencies like the Boy Scouts.  The Boy Scouts train young men like Will Roberts, who take community service seriously.  These young people are part of a cycle of giving and community service because they take on projects that build stronger, smarter, healthier neighborhoods.  We can't wait to hear and tell the stories of young people who will play on this Born Learning Trail and then grow up to be the next generation of people who make a difference. The City of Texas City and Marathon Petroleum are the other key players in this partnership.  The City of Texas City graciously provided the park and permits that are necessary for a Born Learning Trail.  Marathon Petroleum funded the signage along the Born Learning Trail, and also provided volunteers to help with the labor. THANK YOU to the Boy Scouts, the City of Texas City, and Marathon Petroleum for partnering with UWGCM to make Galveston County Mainland STRONGER TOGETHER.

Ready to Visit the Born Learning Trail?

The Born Learning Trail is a wonderful opportunity for pre-school age children and their caregivers to get outdoors and start talking.  Follow the signs along the trail for activity and conversation ideas that are ideal for early learning.  Visit Rainbow Park, 800 Bay Street in Texas City, to Hop, Toss, Shake and Wiggle your way through this interactive trail.



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