The Independence Village + Gleanings From The Harvest= Agency Collaboration

Throughout the year, The Independence Village has the occasion of partnering with other agencies of the United Way Galveston County Mainland, and without exception, we have found those agencies to be helpful, supportive, prompt and in general, great resources for us - regardless of our need.  This was brought home very keenly not long ago when the temperature on our walk-in freezer began to drop.  Although we immediately called the repairmen to come assess the situation, it became clear that we had a full freezer which was slowly thawing and without quick action, our food supply would be a total waste.  After one phone call to another UWGCM agency, I was reminded that Gleanings from the Harvest had lots of freezers, and maybe they could help.  I made a quick phone call and their warehouse manager was quick to call me back and within 30 minutes he was here to assess the problem.  For us it was a huge problem-for him, it was something he could handle with ease.  In very short order he called two wonderful ladies in their warehouse, and within no time, they arrived with sturdy boxes and almost before you could turn around they had all of our frozen foods packed, labeled, wrapped and on the pallet headed for their refrigerated van to take it to their walk-in freezer!  When the repairmen finally concluded that he would have to order the part and it would be a week, I was almost afraid to call Mark Davis to ask if they could store our food for a week - but when I did, he assured me that "It's no big thing", and he was happy to do it.  Wow!  When our freezer was repaired the following week, his warehouse manager got all of our food back to us in record time and we were back in business.  Words cannot express how grateful we were for this help in our time of need, and I keep hearing Mark's words echo in my head: "It's no big thing".  To us, it was huge!  Thanks Mark, and your entire staff at Gleanings from the Harvest.  You Rock!   - Judy Slocumb, Director of The Independence Village

Mark Davis, Gleanings from the Harvest



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