Hurricane Harvey Updates from Galveston County: Disaster Outreach & Disaster Assistance

Disaster Outreach  Following the unprecedented flooding of Hurricane Harvey, many county residents are now on the long road to recovery. In order to best assist affected residents, Galveston County put together a Disaster Assistance Outreach Form which is designed to assess damage and long-term needs. If your home was affected by Hurricane Harvey, please fill out the online form:  Disaster Assistance  Hurricane Harvey survivors now have until Friday, November 24 to register for federal assistance. To be considered for eligibility for FEMA short-term housing programs, homeowners and renters must first register through one of the choices listed below. Consideration for a short-term housing is given to those needing temporary housing for a period of up to 18 months from the start of the disaster to February 25, 2019. Owners must receive a determination by FEMA that their permanent residence has at least $17,000 of FEMA verified damage. Renters must receive a determination by FEMA that their property has sustained major damage or has been destroyed. Once FEMA provides eligible applicant information, and the programs they qualify for, to the GLO, the state will work with local government leaders to contact applicants and identify the best program to meet each individual's needs to provide a short-term housing solution. FEMA's direct housing authority provides short-term housing while individuals work to identify their permanent housing plan. GLO or COG re-evaluates applicant eligibility on a periodic basis, usually monthly, and the short-term housing assistance eligibility for the entire period is subject to continuing to meet requirements. FEMA APPLICATION DENIED?  Have you been hearing from constituents saying their initial FEMA application was denied? There are several reasons why an application might be denied. Here are some of the common reasons applications might be denied:
  • Information is incorrect or application is incomplete
  • Damage is not to the primary residence
  • Another household claim is already in existence
  • Disaster-related losses cannot be verified
  • Losses have been covered by insurance
Applicants can appeal this determination. Click FEMA Determination Letters: How to File an Appeal for more information.

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